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11: How To Have More Credibility with Ginny Balderidge

My guest , Ginny Baldridge President, Your Executive Image, LLC sums up what she does as an Executive Image Consultant this way “ I help people increase their credibility”   It is basically part of  your branding  and self-marketing.  It is about enhancing the impression you create based and how confident you appear and how confident you sound.

Executive Presence is that secret sauce, that helps women reach the executive level (or whatever career or business goal they set out to achieve.)  You have to “look and act the part” if you want to be a leader in your field and reach the executive level according to research done by the Center for Talent Innovation. The research concluded that presence accounts for a whopping 26% of the contributing factors.

Even if you have no aspirations for the corner office, you need the attributes that make up executive presence to have credibility and impact and get the professional respect you deserve according to my guest.

You may be wondering what do I need to do to have a stronger executive image. Ginny says there are four pillars that contribute:

  1. First Impressions *
  2. Communication
  3. Gravitas (demeanor)
  4. Appearance

And most of all you must be authentic and sincere

Tune into the episode to find out more about Ginny’s career journey,  and her executive image business and to get tips on how to build your confident executive image.

*Visit her website and download you free guide – 50 Ways to Make a Great First Impression

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