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12: Body Image and Confidence with Dr. Ellen Albertson

Body confidence is the foundation of all self-confidence. If you have a negative image of your

body you are not alone. 80% of women are dis-satisfied with their body at some level.  

Even super models suffer from body image issues.  

Most women turn to diet and exercise to improve their body image. My guest, Dr Ellen Albertson tells us why losing weight to modify your external appearance is not the answer to feeling good about your body.  She explains what to do instead.  

Dr. Ellen works with her clients from the inside-out. She says body image issues are between your ears. It is your negative thoughts or inner critic, that create the body image dissatisfaction. Changing your thinking and your mindset must come first.  She tells us how eliminating limiting beliefs and managing the inner critic has transformed her clients and improved their life and work in countless ways.  ( Screen Shot 2016-07-30 at 11.34.13 PM

Dr. Ellen tells us the reasons that so many women are challenged by body image issues and contrasts the experiences of her teenage son and teenage daughter.

She emphasizes that you can change.  Dr Ellen explains how she helps her clients examine their dysfunctional beliefs and challenge their “not good enough” thinking.

If you want to change and eliminate your ‘never good enough’ beliefs you must be sure to listen to this episode where you will find out:

  • How to stop harshly judging your body, comparing yourself to others and never being ‘good enough’
  • How to learn to love your body, have self-compassion, and manage your “Inner b%#ch
  • How to begin to value yourself and stop allowing body image and your looks to determine your self-worth
  • How to be more confident and improve your professional presence
  • Much more!

You won’t want to miss this episode jam-packed with information and inspiration from Dr Ellen:


Resources mentioned in this episode:

Catapult Your Confidence Kit: 

@ERAlbertson Twitter

Ellen’s Book:  The Diabetic and the Dietitian: How to Help Your Husband Defeat Diabetes . . . Without Losing Your Mind or Marriage!  Author: Dr. Ellen Albertson PhD MS RDN CD and Michael Albertson

Presence: Bringing Your Boldest Self to Your Biggest Challenges Author: Amy Buddy



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