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13: Mindfulness: A Tool for Less Anxiety and More Confidence with Bruce Langford

It seems like everyone is meditating these days. Are you?

  • Confused about the distinction between the terms mindfulness and meditation?
  • Curious about how you might start a meditation routine?
  • Do you wonder how mindfulness helps you be more confident?

Listen to this episode and hear my guest Bruce Langford, Mindfulness Coach answers these questions.

Bruce explains that meditation is one way to be mindful and also offers a variety  of client examples of how to be mindful in ways other than meditation.  For example:

  • Climbing,
  • Walking in nature
  • Knitting.

Being mindful and aware helps you be more focused on this moment and not the future or the past according to my guest. For the mindfulness skeptics Bruce provides information about the scientific evidence of the benefits of mindfulness and meditation .

Specific ways mindfulness can help at work and in schools:

High anxiety is a confidence thief that may show up as pre-performance jitters when you are speaking in front of a large group or test anxiety that is a deterrent to student performance. Mindfulness and meditation can help you be less anxious, more calm and focused so your mind does not go blank as a result of the high anxiety.

Harnessing your inner critic is yet another benefit of mindfulness that can help you be more confident.

Be sure to listen all the way to the end of the 30 minute interview to hear specific advice about how you can immediately begin a simple mindfulness and meditation practice.

Also, Bruce gives you the link to download a free series of five videos to get you started on your practice of this helpful technique.

Resources mentioned in the show:

www.MindfulnessMode.come To listen to the latest episode of the podcast  To get your free video series


The Surrender Experiment by Michael Singer


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