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14: Confident Networking

I don’t like networking. I feel uncomfortable talking to strangers and don’t know what to say. Why bother networking I have a job. Well if this sounds like you, tune into this episode where I spend the entire time talking about how to be a more confident, comfortable and effective networker.

I’ll share my story of transformation from hating networking, and being really bad at it to having a colleague call me a “networking guru.” There are many myths and misconceptions about networking that are the reason so many dislike the process. I clarify and explain these misconceptions and why networking and building a network of influencers can help your career advancement as well as your business. Networking is definitely not just for those looking for a new job.

This is not the same old list of networking tips written by an extrovert who really doesn’t get how uncomfortable and anxiety producing networking can be for many of us .Rather, I suggest a different way to think about and approach the networking process and a list of best practices that not only can help you be more confident but also more effective. I think this episode will have particular value for introverts.



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