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16: A “Just Figure It Out Attitude” Propels Success with Brandyn Jones

If you love animals you won’t want to miss this heartwarming career story of confidence from my guest Brandyn Jones Co-Founder and Executive Director of Animal House Cat Rescue and Adoption Center in St Louis, MO. Brandyn shares how Animal House was born out of a need to take care of 75 cats who had been living in city shelter that was closing.

With no prior knowledge or experience and sustained by the belief that we can “figure it out” Brandyn and a few others established this cat rescue and adoption organization that has grown to a facility that can care for up to 300 cats that have been rescued from a variety of undesirable situations.

Despite the daunting odds of starting this non-profit from scratch with no prior relevant experience, some of the attributes that were instrumental in the success were:

Confidence as defined as believing in yourself and your ability to navigate a situation
Knowing failure was not an option.
Being a committer and persevering despite the daunting odds

Find out how Brandyn gained her self-confidence including the role her parents played as well as both men and women who mentored her from a very young age.

When asked about a time when she stepped out of her comfort zone and pushed through her terror barrier, Brandyn tells the story of having to unexpectedly stand in for her boss and speak in front of cameras and the media.

Being a confident public speaker today, (an important and uncommon skill), is due in part, she says, to this experience. Enjoy the episode.

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Find out more about Animal House Cat Rescue and Adoption Center. Visit the website
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