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Meet Jean, The Businesswoman’s Coach

Jean CatonSince 2004, I’ve have been coaching women like you to successfully navigate the corporate environment and accelerate their career advancement. Before starting my coaching business, I worked in senior leadership roles for several Fortune 500 companies including Du Pont, Wyeth/Pfizer, and Baxter Healthcare.

My keen insight and practical solutions to the issues faced by business women are rooted in my 25-year corporate career where I was widely recognized as a strong leader with unique ability to develop the potential of my team.

Women who work with me master the indispensable leadership savvy that smart people use to successfully navigate the challenges they face in the corporate arena. My clients develop their skill set and transform their mindset.  They enhance their confidence and sharpen their ability to look, act and speak like strong and capable leaders.

Are You Next?

Like the many other women I’ve worked with, you can:

  • Identify and leverage your core strengths
  • Master business and communication skills and develop executive presence
  • Build a strong network of strategic relationships
  • Change ineffective workplace behaviors and blind spots
  • Tame your inner critic
  • Develop a career and life plan that allows you to achieve meaningful careers and fulfilling lives

The results: more success and more satisfaction. Sound appealing? Book a complimentary career strategy session with me.

My Career Story

I grew up in middle-class America at a time when the only answers to the question, “What are you going to be when you grow up?” were, for women: nurse, secretary, teacher, or wife.

In fact, I started my career as a teacher. After a few years, I shifted to the healthcare industry as a dietitian. I soon realized I was eager for a bigger challenge and set my sights on corporate America.

After earning an MBA at Boston University, I packed my bags, sold my condo, left my hometown of Boston, and moved to Chicago. And so began my career as a corporate America marketing and business leader.

When I was 30-something, traveling around the world for my job, I often thought about how I ended up being a successful businesswoman and leader. Often one of few women at the leadership table, I quickly learned what it takes to succeed in navigating the challenges of the business world. (And–ahem–what mistakes look like, too.)

From Marketing Executive to Executive Coach

After nearly 25 years and four relocations, I “graduated” from corporate, mainly because relocating once again had little appeal. I knew there was something else out there that I was supposed to be doing. (A former employee and long time mentee of mine was already calling me her coach; it seems she knew my calling before I did.)

It took courage to turn down an attractive job opportunity and exit the corporate world in 2004. I took the leap of faith, signed up for Coach U, and soon opened my coaching and speaking business.  I’ve never looked back. Well, almost never.

As a coach, I am driven by the vision of a time when all women can achieve without bias or barrier and rise as high in the ranks as they choose. Or have a personally fulfilling or career at any level earning the income they deserve—all the while bringing their authentic style and personality to work.

Is that something you want? Book your complimentary coaching session.

In Case You’re Curious…

…here are my academic credentials:

  • Graduate of the Advanced Coach Training Program of Coach U
  • MBA with Honors from Boston University
  • MS and BS degrees from Framingham State University
  • RDN, Registered Dietitian

And a little trivia: I’ve visited 49 states* and 14 countries traveling to pursue my interests in hiking and photography. I live in a 130-year-old Victorian home in St Louis, Missouri, with my three cats. I have a summer home on Cape Cod, but I don’t live there; for this itinerant coach and speaker, Cape Cod is way too far from a major airport!

*When we talk, ask me about the sole remaining state.