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17: Body Image and Confidence with Ellen Albertson, PhD [Re-Broadcast]


Hey  listeners, Jean here with a rebroadcast of one of my most popular episodes of the Podcast where I interview  Dr Ellen Albertson PhD Registered Dietitian Nutritionist on the topic of Body Image and Confidence. 

This topic is so important because Body Confidence is the foundation of all self-confidence.

The issue of objectifying women and their bodies has perhaps never received more attention in the media than in the recent weeks. So it seems to be an appropriate time to re-issue this episode.

16: A “Just Figure It Out Attitude” Propels Success with Brandyn Jones


If you love animals you won’t want to miss this heartwarming career story of confidence from my guest Brandyn Jones Co-Founder and Executive Director of Animal House Cat Rescue and Adoption Center in St Louis, MO. Brandyn shares how Animal House was born out of a need to take care of 75 cats who had been living in city shelter that was closing.

15: Leveraging Your Skills to Land at the Top with Laurie Cooke

Listen Here!

Laurie Cooke CEO of the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association ( shares her interesting career journey from Hospital Pharmacist to Corporate Executive and now Global Association Management Executive. I asked her how she managed to leverage her skills from the diverse jobs and land at the top of the HBA described on the website as:

14: Confident Networking


I don’t like networking. I feel uncomfortable talking to strangers and don’t know what to say. Why bother networking I have a job. Well if this sounds like you, tune into this episode where I spend the entire time talking about how to be a more confident, comfortable and effective networker.

13: Mindfulness: A Tool for Less Anxiety and More Confidence with Bruce Langford


It seems like everyone is meditating these days. Are you?

  • Confused about the distinction between the terms mindfulness and meditation?
  • Curious about how you might start a meditation routine?
  • Do you wonder how mindfulness helps you be more confident?

Listen to this episode and hear my guest Bruce Langford, Mindfulness Coach answers these questions.

12: Body Image and Confidence with Dr. Ellen Albertson

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Body confidence is the foundation of all self-confidence. If you have a negative image of your

body you are not alone. 80% of women are dis-satisfied with their body at some level.  

Even super models suffer from body image issues.  

11: How To Have More Credibility with Ginny Balderidge

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My guest , Ginny Baldridge President, Your Executive Image, LLC sums up what she does as an Executive Image Consultant this way “ I help people increase their credibility”   It is basically part of  your branding  and self-marketing.  It is about enhancing the impression you create based and how confident you appear and how confident you sound.

Episode 10: Transferring Leadership Skills: Corporate America to Academia


My guest for this episode is a smart, confident and savvy leader who proved that leadership skills are definitely transferrable when she successfully moved from a Sales and Marketing position in Corporate America to a newly created position as Assistant Dean & Director of Corporate Relations, Washington University Olin Business School St. Louis. Dorothy shares how she has shaped the job and grown the responsibilities and recognized value for this role over the last nine years.

Episode 09: Why I Stepped Out of My Comfort Zone with Wendy LaFrance


My guest Wendy LaFrance, shares her inspiring story and tells us why she chose to step out of her “comfy” job as a Merchandise Product Analyst at a company where she has worked for 27 years and take a risk to try something new and different.  Although she rates herself as a #10 in confidence most of the time, she said this was a scary decision. She tells us why she chose to do it and what gave her the confidence to step out of her comfort zone and take career risk.

Episode 08: Master the Pay Raise Conversation with Confidence with Pat Katepoo


If you are reluctant to ask for a pay raise, negotiate a higher starting salary or have no clue how to approach your boss to tell her/him you deserve a higher salary, you’re not alone. We were never told how to do this…until now.

Listen to this episode to hear my guest Pat Katepoo describe her proven three-part process to getting a raise.