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Coaching for the 21st Century BusinessWoman

You’ve probably been asking around for career advice about the challenges you have with your job, your boss, your team, your coworkers or your employer.

Yet your best friend, your mom, your life partner or even your most trusted colleagues are not qualified to give you the advice you need. Because they care about you, they’re too biased to be objective. And unfortunately, they just don’t get it.

If you’re serious about your career advancement, it’s time to hire a coach—a professional who has both relevant work experience and the training to coach you.

“Behind an able person there are always other able people.”   Chinese Proverb

Executive Coaching

Landing the top job wasn’t easy. Being successful and thriving is your next challenge. Working with me as your coach provides you with clarity, perspective, strategy and more.

Let me be your trusted thought partner to help with your biggest business challenge. I can help you:

  • Keep grounded when you feel as though the overwhelming demands are consuming your life
  • Deal with a challenging boss, difficult colleague, the board or a direct report
  • Develop strategies to reclaim your life when overwhelm causes you to lose sight of the vision
  • Feel supported when you’re feeling vulnerable as a woman in a male-dominated arena
  • Celebrate and embrace your victories

Pick the Coaching Option to Match Your Needs

Fast-Track Your Career

The glass ceiling may have been shattered, yet navigating the path to the top continues to be a challenge for smart, capable women. Learn how you can put your career on the fast track and avoid the common mistakes women make that derail so many careers.

  • Get strategies to tame your inner critic
  • Become more politically savvy
  • Develop your personal power network
  • Find out how to get taken more seriously
  • Learn how have more influence and impact
  • Land a promotion
  • Deal with a difficult colleague

Pick the Coaching Option to Match Your Needs

Explore New Possibilities

There comes a time when the career just isn’t as rewarding as it once was. That time is often mid-40s to early-50s, but it could hit anytime. You’re not really sure what you want but you’re pretty sure it isn’t another 10 or 20 years doing the job you have now! Imagine your future and define what success means to you.

But where do you begin? You probably have more questions than answers. A transition to a new career path or a pre-retirement career requires both clarity and courage. If you’re interested in putting your life plan ahead of your career plan for a change, Exploring New Possibilities is for you.

Pick the Coaching Option to Match Your Needs

If you’d like to consider working with me as your coach, book a complimentary career strategy session.

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Common challenges of some of the professionals who work with me.

  • You are at the top and want to stay there and thrive and not be overwhelmed with stress 24/7
  • You want to climb the ladder to senior ranks
  • You want to excel at a job somewhere in the middle that is just right for you.
  • You are looking for a trusted thought partner to help you handle  your biggest business challenge or difficult colleague
  • You want to be more savvy navigating the business world, or grow your own small business
  • You want more than notable achievement, professional recognition and significant financial reward; you want meaning and purpose
  • You are contemplating a change but don’t know what or how

Definition of Leadership: [It’s] about making others better as a result of your presence and making sure that impact lasts in your absence.
Harvard Business School

Take Charge of Your Career

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